A Review From the ProcessOn User

ProcessOn is a web-based diagram designer built on web standards as HTML5 and Javascript, free to use,no download required,it provides a visual communication platform for individuals,teams and enterprises,everyone can quickly start diagramming on any web-enabled devices with its professionally-designed templates, or just customize your own.


A Few Features of ProcessOn:

High fluency and diagramming efficiency
Based on HTLM5,PrcessOn changed the traditional way of flash plug-in.You can easily drag and drop different shapes or insert images as you like. In your drawing,the shape autoprompt will help you select your next shape without going back to the toolbox. When you drag an object on the canvas, lines will appear to help you easily align the new shape with existing shapes on the canvas.

Collaboration and chat in real time
During your drawing, it could not be easier to invite your co-workers to join the collaboration and chatting with them real time, this feature is widely used in a virtual meeting for enterprises.

Diagram revision history
If you are creating a complex diagrams, you are able to view the history of your documents and revert to previous version through the graphic panel.

Import and export easily:compatible with most diagrams types
ProcessOn supports to import with Visio file, Cross-function | Flowchart. Export to PNG, PDF, POS.
If you have a blog or website, ProcessOn also provides you with the diagram code to be embedded in.

All you need is a few clicks to start your own diagram,hope my review can be helpful to your work.

ProcessOn official website:http://www.processon.com


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